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Biofumigation for Nematode Control in Pineapple

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Project Tittle: Use of Cover Crops and Biofumigation for Plant Parasitic Nematode Control in Pineapple

Project Investigators: B. Sipes and J. DeFrank

Project Goal: To illustrate to the PGAH the efficacy of cover crops in reducing preplant nematode population densities.

The overall objective of this project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of biofumigation (w/cover crops) as a new economically feasible cultural alternative to replace existing soil fumigants. Adoption of cover crops to reduce preplant nematode population densities could also lead to possible economic benefits while reducing pesticide usage and worker hazards.

Project leaders demonstrated the biofumigation nematode management tactics to 66% of the targeted clientele through field demonstrations, presentations and brochures. Of that total, all growers who attended the non-formal educational program expressed interest in adoption. Currently, one plantation (responsible for 33% of the targeted clientele) has adopted the practice on approximately 20 acres. Demonstrations and non-formal educational programs have sparked interest within the industry. Additional demonstrations will be required before adoption takes place.

What is Biofumigation?

Plants produce chemicals which upon decomposition of the plant are toxic to soil micro-organisms.