Adoption Facts from Growers who Adopted HWT System

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Total Surveyed: 3

Rejection Rates:

Lower rejection rates 3
Out -of-state shipments/ year 28,900
Number of rejections/ year 22

Growers report a 50-100% reduction in rejection rates after the adoption of the hot water treatment system.

As Distributors:

Both 3
Hawaii 3
Satsfied 3
Purchase products from: 63 GROWERS
Number of employees educated about HWT 29 EMPLOYEES
Reduction in labor requirements 3
Increased vaselife  3

Treated Flowers:

Estimated number of flowers sold 5.5 MILLION
Estimated number HWT  1.6 MILLION

** Remaining 3.9 million flowers (dendrobium sprays, etc.) are not capable of being HWT.

Defects due to HWT 2
Percent Defected 5

Pesticide Useage:

Reduction in pesticide use 2
By what percent? 80-90%

Floral Products:

Floral Products Number of Growers
Anthurium 0
Bird of Paradise 3
Cuttings 2
Ginger 3
Heliconia 2
Protea 0
Taro 3
Ti Leaf, Cut 3
Other cut flowers 2
Other propagative material 3

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