Field Onion Production Guidelines for Hawaii

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Project Title: Development of Onion Production Guide for Hawaii

Project Investigators: H. Valenzuela, R. Shimabuku, and R. Hamasaki

Project Goal: To develop a full color comprehensive publication on field onion production with emphasis on integrated pest management of insects and diseases. 

Commercial onion growers need to make numerous managerial decisions when producing and marketing their crop. Hawaii's onion growers will benefit greatly by receiving local research based guidance on selecting the proper variety, pest management alternative, equipment, fertilizer and cultural practices through an Onion Production Guide for Hawaii publication. A systems or integrated management approach will be emphasized throughout the publication. Authors will use local research based information whenever possible in addition to information obtained through literature searches.

Year Harvested Acres Value of Sales
1993 170 1.6 MILLION DOLLARS
1994 175 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS
1995 210 2.6 MILLION DOLLARS
1996 210 2.4 MILLION DOLLARS
1997 185 1.7 MILLION DOLLARS

The publication is expected to be completed by July 1999.

To obtain a copy of this publication, contact the CTAHR Publications and Information Office.

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