Title: Introduction to IPM

Learning Objective: A clear understanding of the definition of IPM

Materials: Presentation board (chalk board or flip chart) or slide projector, chalk or pen and lesson hand out.

Time Needed: 15-20 minutes

Power Point Presentation: Lesson 1 (computer file: lesson1.ppt)

Opening: An example which illustrates the need for IPM: a farmer finding one insect feeding on one plant and spraying whole field based on this and/or discovering an old pest problem and thinking it occurred overnight.


Definition of IPM

1. Break down term into it’s three parts and define each term via class


Integrated: Composed of separate parts united together to form a more complete unit; To Bring together parts into a whole.

Pest: Any organism which is harmful or potentially harmful to plants, plant products, livestock and humans; an organism that reduces the availability, quality, or value of some human resource.

Management: Skilled handling

2. Define term ( based on a combination of previous breakdown)

Integrated Pest Management: the use of many pest control methods in a well organized and harmonious way in order to achieve long-term pest control.

  1. Brief discussion of definition. Discussion should also include the following points: