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Elytroteinus subtruncatus (Fairmaire)

Fijian Ginger Weevil
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Ronald F.L. Mau, Extension Entomologist

Jayma L. Martin Kessing, Educational Specialist

Department of Entomology

Honolulu, Hawaii


This weevil was first found in Hawaii in white ginger roots

(Hedychium coronarium). Since then it has been reported on avocado seed, bird-of-paradise tubers (Strelitzia reginae), cycad trunk, lemons, Marrattia fern, sugarcane, taro roots, and ti cuttings (Cordyline terminalis).


Believed to be endemic to the Austro-Malayan subregion, this weevil is present on several Pacific islands including the Cook Islands, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti and Tutuila. The first report of the Fijian ginger weevil in Hawaii was on Tantalus and in Nuuanu Valley in 1918.


The grub of this weevil, or larval stage, burrows into the root, corm, or tuber of the host plant. The subsequent feeding results in wilting and loss of vigor of the host. If feeding is extensive the host plant dies.

In the Cook Islands, this weevil infested lemon by boring into the pulp at the base of the stalk and pupating there.


Very little developmental biology of the Fijian ginger weevil is known because it is very difficult to rear under laboratory conditions.


Description unavailable.


Description unavailable.


Description unavailable. Pupation occurs within the feeding site.


The adult weevil is darkbrown to black. The head and snout are not visible when looking directly down at this beetle, but may be viewed from the side. By viewing from the top, the Fijian ginger weevil is 5/16 to 1/4 inch in length.



Infested material should be removed and destroyed to prevent spread of this pest.


No information available.


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