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Anthurium 'Kalapana', 'Tropic Ice', and 'Tropic Mist' - Three Novel and Unique Anthurium Cultivars


By: H. Kamemoto, A. R. Kuehnle, J. T. Kunisaki, M. Aragaki, J. S. Lichty and T. D. Amore Department of Horticulture, University of Hawaii, College of
Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

Taken From Horticulture Digest, January 1995, No. 104, pages 1-3.

Three anthurium selections, UH 1016,UH 1051, and UH780, were named 'Kalapana', 'Tropic Ice', and 'Tropic Mist' respectively. 'Kalapana' repre-sents the first anthurium cultivar to be patented by the University of Hawai'i.

'Kalapana' (UH1016)
'Kalapana' was selected on April 10, 1983 from a cross made on September 1, 1980 between 'Diamond Jubilee' and 'Paradise Pink'. It is an attractive red-green, medium-sized obake about 71/2" long and 71/2" wide and a vigorous grower, producing about 6 flowers per plant per year. The spathe is carried on long flower stems well above the foliage. It is resistant to anthrac-nose and tolerant to the systemic phase of bacterial blight (Table 1).
An application for patenting 'Kalapana' was made to the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks in Washington D.C. on May 31, 1991, and the patent was approved on March 9, 1993. Subsequently, the Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development, University of Hawai'i, executed a License Agreement with the Hawai'i Anthurium Industry Association on January 31, 1994 to propagate and distribute 'Kalapana' to anthurium growers for commercial use.

'Tropic Ice' (UH1051)
'Tropic Ice' (UH 1051) was selected on February 27, 1979 from a cross made on March 16, 1976 between 'Anuenue' and UH515. Its characteristics are described in Table 1. It is an attractive white-green, small-sized obake with vase life of about 42 days. The plant is compact with small leaves and produces about 9 flowers per plant per year. The spathe is carried on a straight peduncle well above the foliage. 'Tropic Ice' is especially desirable because of its high yield, excellent vase life, resistance to anthracnose, and tolerance to bacterial blight. It also makes an attractive flowering potted plant. Mother flasks of micropropagated 'Tropic Ice' were released to the Hawai'i Anthurium Industry Association in 1989 concurrently with the initiation of advanced testing with cooperating growers.

'Tropic Mist' (UH780)
UH780 was selected on January 16, 1978 from a cross made on January 29, 1975 between 'Manoa Mist' and 'Sea Pearl'. Due to the lack of suitable white cultivars for commercial cropping, we decided in January 1984 to place UH780 in tissue culture for advance testing with cooperat-ing growers. In 1987 plantlets were sent to the University Experiment Station in Waiakea. At the same time some cultures in flasks were "early released" to the Hawaii Anthurium Industry Association. Plants in individual pots were transferred to cooperating growers in March 1990 for observation and evaluation. Finally in 1993 the tests were terminated and the selection was named 'Tropic Mist'.
The characteristics of 'Tropic Mist' are given in Table 1. Distinctive features are the round cream-colored spathe carried at 30 to 45 from the flower stem. Due to the vertical orientation of the spathe, flowers escape damage from rain and also may be packed densely.

Table 1. Characteristics of 'Kalapana', 'Tropic Ice', and 'Tropic Mist' Anthurium

Characteristics 'Kalapana' 'Tropic Ice' 'Tropic Mist'

Size and Shape Broad heart-shaped About 6" long, 4 1/2" wide, About 6" long, 6" wide, obake,7" long, 7" wide, open lobes, carried about broad heart-shape, symmet-
lobes touching, carried slidltly 90 from peduncle rical, carried about 45
70-90 from peduncle from peduncle
Color Red (RHSCC* 45C) White with green usually Crearn (RHSCC 158D)
with green lobes restricted to the periphery

Size and Shape 2 3/4" long, 1/2" in 2" long, 3/8" in diarneter, 3 1/4" long, 1/2" in diameter,curved downward curved downward diarneter, curved downward
Color Yellow-orange to Yellow Yellow

Anthracnose Resistant Resistant Intermediate Resistance

Flower Stem Long & erect, carrying the 15" long, erect, carrying Long, sturdy, carrying the
spathe well above the the spathe well above the spathe well above the
foliage, about 25" long, foliage foliage, about 27" long, 1/4"
1/4" in diarneter in diarneter

Yield 6.0 flowers per year 8.7 flowers per year 6.1 flowers per year

Vase Life** 20.5 days 41.8 days 24.5 days

Blade Heart-shape, 13" long, Heart-shape, 7" long, 4" Heart-shape, 12" long, 7" 7" wide wide, leathery wide

Petiole 20"long 12"long 18" long

Internode Interrnediate Short Intermediate

Sucker Production High Moderate Low

Bacterial Blight Tolerant Tolerant Moderately tolerant

*Royal Horticultural Society Colour Chart
**Includes 3 days of simulated packing