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Insects and Other Pests

Scientific Name Common Name Group
Aphis nerii oleander aphid APHIDS
Brontispa chalybeipennis blue coconut leaf beetle BEETLES
Diocalandra taitensis Tahitian cocconut weevil BEETLES
Rhabdoscelus obscurus New Guinea sugarcane weevil BEETLES
Hedylepta blackburni coconut leafroller CATERPILLARS
Opogona saccharii banana moth CATERPILLARS
Coccotrypes carpohagus palm seed scolytid FLIES
Cocotrypes pygmaeus pygmy palm seed scolytid FLIES
Agonoxena argaula coconut leafminer LEAFMINERS
Geococcus coffeae coffee root mealybug MEALYBUGS
Nipaecoccus nipae coconut mealybug MEALYBUGS
Palmicultor palmarum palm mealybug MEALYBUGS
Pseudococcus longispinus longtailed mealbug MEALYBUGS
Rhizoecus hibisci Rhizoecus Root Mealybug MEALYBUGS
Abgrallaspis palmae palm scale SCALES
Aspidiotus destructor coconut scale SCALES
Diaspis boisduvalii Boisduval scale SCALES
Hemiberlesia lataniae latania scale SCALES
Hemiberlesia rapax Greedy scale SCALES
Ischnaspis longirostris black thread scale SCALES
Parlatoria proteus variable chaff scale SCALES
Pinnaspis aspidistrae fern scale SCALES
Pinnaspis buxi ti scale SCALES
Pinnaspis strachani Hibiscus snow scale SCALES
Pseudaulacaspis cockerelli Cockerell scale SCALES
Aleuridicus dispersus spiraling whitefly WHITEFLIES

Plant Disease Pathogens

Scientific Name Common Name Group
Biploraris Primer   FUNGI
Bipolaris incurvata (blight, leafspot) FUNGI
Ceratocystis Primer   FUNGI
Ceratocystis paradoxa (fruit rot, bleeding canker) FUNGI
Cuscuta sandwichiana (dodder) PARASITIC PLANT
Endocalyx melanoxanthus   FUNGI
Erwinia Primer   BACTERIA
Erwinia herbicola   BACTERIA
Exserohilum Primer   FUNGI
Exserohilum sp. (leafspot) FUNGI
Gliocladium vermoeseni (bleeding canker) FUNGI
Graphiola phoenicis (false smut) FUNGI
Graphium sp. (leaf mold) FUNGI
Lasiodiplodia theobromae   FUNGI
Macrophomina phaseolina (charcoal rot) FUNGI
Melanconium sp.   FUNGI
Pestalotia sp.   FUNGI
Phytophthora Primer   STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora infestans (leafspot and blight) STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora katsurae   STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora nicotianae (leafspot, blight and rot) STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora nicotianae (leafsspot, blight and rot and defoliation) STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora palmivora (root rot) STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora sp. (root rot) STRAMENOPILA
Pythium Primer   FUNGI
Pythium sp. (root rot) FUNGI
Rhizoctonia Primer   FUNGI
Rhizoctonia sp. (root rot) FUNGI
Thielaviopsis Primer   FUNGI
Thielaviopsis basicola (black root) FUNGI

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