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Insects and Other Pests

Scientific Name Common Name Group
Cerataphis orchidearum fringed orchid aphid APHIDS
Macrosiphum luteum orchid aphid APHIDS
Orchidophilus aterrimus orchid weevil BEETLES
Orchidophilus peregrinator lesser orchid weevil BEETLES
Xylosandrus compactus black twig borer BEETLES
Nezara viridula southern green stinkbug BUGS
Chrysodeixis eriosoma green garden looper CATERPILLARS
Contarinia maculipennis blossom midge FLIES
Pseudococcus dendrobiorum dendrobium mealybug MEALYBUGS
Pseudococcus beardsleyi
*Misidentified as P. elisae
Jack Beardsley mealybug
*(banana mealybug)
Pseudococcus longispinus longtailed melaybug MEALYBUGS
Brevipapus phoenicis red and black flat mite MITES
Diaspis boisduvalii Boisduval scale SCALES
Furcaspis biformis red orchid scale SCALES
Pinnaspis aspidistrae fern scale SCALES
Pinnaspis buxi ti scale SCALES
Vinsonia stellifera stellate scale SCALES
Dichromothrips corbetti vanda thrips THRIPS
Frankliniella occidentalis western flower thrips THRIPS
Frankliniella shultzei yellow flower thrips THRIPS
Haplothrips gowdeyi black flower thrips THRIPS
Helionothrips errans cymbidium thrips THRIPS
Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis greenhouse thrips THRIPS
Hercinothrips femoralis bannded greenhouse thrips THRIPS
Thrips hawaiiensis Hawaiian flower thrips THRIPS
Thrips palmi melon thrips THRIPS
Thrips tabaci onion thrips THRIPS
Eurytoma orchidearum orchidfly WASPS
Bemisia tabaci sweetpotato whitefly WHITEFLIES

Plant Disease Pathogens

Scientific Name Common Name Group
Fusarium Primer   FUNGUS
Fusarium proliferatum (leaf, sheath, stem spots; blight of young leaves) FUNGUS
Phyllosticta Primer   FUNGUS
Phyllosticta capitalensis (blight, leafspot, blossom spots) FUNGUS
Phytophthora infestans   STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora nicotianae (leafspot, blight and rot) STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora nicotianae (leafspot, blight and rot and defoliation) STRAMENOPILA

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