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Other Names: Pawpaw, Mikana, Milikana, Papaia, He’i

Fruits and Nuts

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Insects and Other Pests

Scientific Name Common Name Group
Aphis middletonii erigeron root aphid Aphids
Aulacorthum circumflexum crescentmarked lily aphid Aphids
Hyperomyza lactucae an aphid Aphids
Macrosiphum euphorbiae potato aphid Aphids
Myzus persicae green peach aphid Aphids
Rhopalosiphum maidis corn leaf aphid Aphids
Empoasca stevensi Stevens leafhopper Leafhoppers
Amorbia emigratella Mexican leafroller Caterpillars
Othreis fullonia Pacific fruit-piercing moth Caterpillars
Ceratitis capitata Mediterranean fruit fly Fruit flies
Bactrocera cucurbitae melon fly Fruit flies
Bactrocera dorsalis oriental fruit fly Fruit flies
Brevipalpus phoenicis red and black flat mite Mites
Calacarus brionesae papaya leaf edgeroller Mites
Eutetranychus banksi Texas citrus mite Mites
Panonychus citri citrus red mite Mites
Polyphagotarsonemus latus broad mite Mites
Tetranychus cinnabarinus carmine spider mite Mites
Tuckerella ornata Tuckerellid mite Mites
Tuckerella pavoniformis Tuckerellid mite Mites
Aspidiotus destructor coconut scale Scale insects
Coccus hesperidum brown soft scale Scale insects
Coccus longulus long brown scale Scale insects
Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (under constr. for HI) white peach scale Scale insects
Howardia biclavis mining scale Sscale insects
Thrips tabaci onion thrips Thrips
Bemisia argentifolii silverleaf whitefly Whiteflies

Plant Disease Pathogens

Scientific Name Common Name Group
Alternaria Primer   FUNGI
Alternaria alternata (leafspot) FUNGI
Alternaria sp.   FUNGI
Ascochyta Primer   FUNGI
Ascochyta caricae (stem-end rot) FUNGI
Boron deficiency (bumpy fruit) NON PARASITIC
Calonectria crotalariae (black rot) FUNGI
Calonectria sp.   F UNGI
Carpellody ("cat face") NON PARASITIC
Cercospora Primer   FUNGI
Cercospora mamaonis (leaf and fruit spot) FUNGI
Cercospora papayae (leafspot) FUNGI
Cladosporium sp. (internal blight) FUNGI
Colletotrichum Primer   FUNGI
Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (anthracnose) FUNGI
Didymella sp.   FUNGI
Enterobacter cloacae (internal yellowing ) BACTERIUM
Erwinia Primer   BACTERIUM
Erwinia herbicola   BACTERIUM
Freckles (freckles on papaya) ?
Fusarium Primer   FUNGI
Fusarium solani   FUNGI
Fusarium sp.   FUNGI
Helicotylenchus sp. (spiral nematode) NEMATODE
Lasiodiplodia theobromae (fruit and stem-end rot) FUNGI
Meloidogyne Primer   NEMATODE
Meloidogyne hapla (root-knot nematode) NEMATODE
Meloidogyne incognita (root-knot nematode) NEMATODE
Meloidogyne sp. (root-knot nematode) NEMATODE
Mosaic virus   VIRUS
Mycena citricola (South American leafspot) FUNGI
Mycosphaerella Primer   FUNGI
Mycosphaerella sp. (dry rot) FUNGI
Oidium Primer   FUNGI
Oidium caricae (powdery mildew) FUNGI
Papaya Apical Necrosis Virus   VIRUS
Papaya Bunchy Top   MLO
Papaya Droopy Necrosis Virus   VIRUS
Papaya Ringspot virus-W   VIRUS
Papaya Ringspot virus-P   VIRUS
Penicillium sp.   FUNGI
Phoma Primer   FUNGI
Phoma caricae-papayae   FUNGI
Phomopsis caricae-papayae   FUNGI
Phomopsis sp. (wet fruit rot) FUNGI
Phyllosticta Primer   FUNGI
Phyllosticta sp. (leafspot) FUNGI
Phytophthora Primer   STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora capsici (fruit rot) STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora infestans (leafspot and blight) STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora nicotianae (leafspot and blight) STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora nicotianae (leafspot and blight) STRAMENOPILA
Phytophthora palmivora (root rot) STRAMENOPILA
Pratylenchus sp. (lesion nematode) NEMATODE
Pythium Primer   FUNGI
Pythium aphanidermatum (root rot) FUNGI
Pythium chamaehyphon   FUNGI
Pythium ultimum (damping off) FUNGI
Pythium vexans (root rot) FUNGI
Pythium sp. (root rot) FUNGI
Rhizoctonia Primer   FUNGI
Rhizoctonia solani (root rot) FUNGI
Rhizoctonia sp. (root rot) FUNGI
Rhizopus stolonifer (soft rot) FUNGI
Rotylenchulus reniformis (reniform nematode) NEMATODE
Sphaerotheca sp. (powdery mildew) FUNGI
Stemphylium Primer   FUNGI
Stemphylium lycopersici (fruit spot) FUNGI
Stemphylium sp. (leafspot) FUNGI
Tomato spotted wilt virus   VIRUS
Yellow crinkle virus   VIRUS

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