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Insects and Other Pests

Scientific Name Common Name Group
Aphis gossypii melon aphid APHIDS
Aphis middletonii erigeron root aphid APHIDS
Lipaphis erysimi turnip aphid APHIDS
Macrosiphum euphorbiae potato aphid APHIDS
Myzus persicae green peach aphid APHIDS
Bactrocera cucurbitae melon fly FRUIT FLIES
Liriomyza sativae vegetable leafminer LEAFMINERS
Thrips palmi melon thrips THRIPS
Trialeurodes vaporariorum greenhouse whitefly WHITEFLIES
Bemisia argentifolii silverleaf whitefly WHITEFLIES
Bemisia tabaci sweetpotato whitefly WHITEFLIES

Plant Disease Pathogens

Scientific Name Common Name Group
Choanephora cucurbitarum (blossom blight, fruit rot ) FUNGI
Cucumber mosaic virus   VIRUS
Didymella bryoniae (gummy stemblight ) FUNGI
Erwinia Primer   BACTERIA
Erwinia tracheiphila (bacterial wilt) BACTERIA
Mosaic virus   VIRUS
Oidium Primer   FUNGI
Oidium sp. (powdery mildew) FUNGI
Pratylenchus elachistus (pin nematode) NEMATODE
Pseudoperonospora cubensis (downy mildew) FUNGI
Pythium Primer   FUNGI
Pythium sp. (root rot) FUNGI
Rhizoctonia Primer   FUNGI
Rhizoctonia sp. (root rot) FUNGI
Squash mosaic virus   VIRUS
Watermelon mosaic virus-II   VIRUS

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