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Published in: Hawaii Landscape, Official Publication of the Landscape Industry Council of Hawaii.  Jan/Feb 1998.  Vol 2, No. 1,  p. 13.

By:  A. H. Hara

CTAHR, Dept. of PEPS, Beaumont Agric. Res. Center, University of Hawaii-Manoa, 461 W. Lanikaula St., Hilo, Hawaii 96720, Phone (808) 974-4105

TARGETED PEST:  Two-striped slug, Veronicella cubensis

Copper hydroxide is usually used as a fungicide but is also formulated as a root growth regulator that prevents root-bound containers. The College of Tropical Agriculture at the University of Hawaii discovered that the copper hydroxide coating is very repellent to the two-striped slug, Veronicella cubensis. Plastic pots, grow bags and weed mats coated with a special formulation of copper hydroxide significantly repelled slugs. (See Spinout, Griffin Corporation,

For example, in one test, pots were placed in a contained area of 15 square feet with 500 slugs. Copper hydroxide-coated pots harbored an average of zero slugs per pot while uncoated pots harbored an average of 24 slugs per pot.

Presently, copper hydroxide-coated products are not registered for use as a molluscicide but registered only as a root growth regulator.

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Dr. Arnold Hara is a professor in entomology in the Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences at the University of Hawaii Manoa, stationed at Beaumont Agricultural Research Center in Hilo.


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Product Name: Spinout
Manufacturer’s Name: Griffin Corporation
Address: P.O. Box 1847   Valdosta, GA   31603-1847
Composition: Copper hydroxide

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