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Asiatic onion leafminer, Acrolepiopsis sapporensis 
coconut leafminer, Agonoxena argaula 
sweetpotato leafminer, Bedellia orchilella 
serpentine leafminer, Liriomyza brassicae mines and fly 
serpentine leafminer, Liriomyza brassicae pupa and fly 
pea leafminer, Liriomyza huidobrensis 
vegetable leafminer, Liriomyza sativae thorax comparison leafminers 
chrysanthemum leafminer, Liriomyza trifolii mine damage 
chrysanthemum leafminer, Liriomyza trifolii fly 
safflower stemminer, Melanagromyza splendida

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