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Self-led insect pest identification guide
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Below are a series of general body outlines of different types of insects; click on the one that most closely resembles the insect you are interested in identifying. [this might work much better with a series of very basic sketches of insect body shapes? Or maybe the option to click on a page with images or sketches depending on personal preference? could do this by adding a link below each to a sketch showing the important characters for identifying the insect.]
Comments welcome - please email markwrig@hawaii.edu

One you do this, you will be taken to a page with many more specific options within that group, and once you select a specific pest, you will be able to access the appropriate database for information on manageing that pest.

General outline of pest insects body shape [these are just temporary examples]
Click here for sketch?  
mealybugs caterpillars    
flies beetles    
thrips wasps